Invention of the Century: SWYERS AUBERON

This ad is for the venture capitalist looking for an industry changing invention. It is a way to get to someone quicker by using a telephone methodology to capture their individual corp. telephone number. There are ways to do this. Some "two-dimensional" techniques are known but most have ignored the critical factor in getting someone's telephone number. What if you don't want to buy a list or web-platform subscription (all of which are already out of date)? Then you need to try contacting me.

Friday, January 19, 2007

executive summary

Swyers Auberon System

Business Objective

Swyers Auberon, quite simply; is a pat. Pending method for capturing the office telephone number of any individual, in any telephone system anywhere in the world. Swyers Auberon was developed because in a modern world of internet and high speed telephony devices, it Technically fulfills a final exploratory solution for target office number capture that to this day, remains hidden to the everyday telephone user.

Information is an enterprise's greatest asset. The ability to leverage the power of information will be a key to success in the global economy.

This pat. pending business method will provide call centers, call center equipment providers, data enrichment services, sales experts, executive recruiting companies and individuals with the power to (more smoothly) reach a desired, target individual at his/her office telephone number.

The business method itself is a basic set of rules and dynamic constructs or “matrices” used in the dialing of a telephone number through a set of dialing choices. Once the number is acquired it can be recorded via computer telephony and IVR software to be used later or will directly connect a caller with the target individual.
The contacts a given company wants, are currently acquired by paying for a contact list, hiring a lead generation company to perform the calls and acquire the telephone numbers or to scour a obsolete database purchased as a software license via a web ASP proprietary service.

This invention can be made a reality through rapid, volume dialing by hiring a software engineer to write the basic code for the graphic, IVR and CTI interfaces. Once that is accomplished the interfaces and software can be beta tested and used to reveal the hidden and coveted target individuals’ telephone numbers. The invention uses new data everyday it is normal running; there is only a template of target numbers used so that new dials made (based on the dialing matrices) are revealed and uncovered with a truly new set or data.

No obsolete lists are used.

If the telephone numbers you acquire today are changed in 5 months, you can employ this software solution (invention) to redial the same company using the same data matrices and dialing rules of Swyers Auberon to replenish the target individuals’ numbers.

As long as the dialing rules and permutation matrices are adhered to, it consistently acquires telephone numbers more accurately and swiftly than any other method on the market aforementioned.

1. List developers sell a group of contacts for a set fee for a specific size and specialized list. The more specialized-- the more costly the list will be. Most lists purchased today are already 50% obsolete and are commonly believed by many as being a : “necessary evil” in sales and the data enrichment industry.
2. Lead generation companies offer leads that are most often not leads but “ conversations” with very important high level officers of a given set of target companies. Today it is believed my many that sales leads of the type in lead gen. projects, are the new version of “snake oil” offering conversations that are bought by clients as high-quality rated sales and marketing leads. The lead generation companies often achieve a rating of industry success based on the amount of revenue they catch from the market, not the number of sales opportunities they have created. It is, in a sense; describing how huckstering (at best) is re-packaging air and selling it back to a client who has often paid $450-$1000/per lead.
The volume of revenue is often so enormous that it outstrips initial cost overhead of call center employees. It completely off sets any need to carry ownership of the lead failure; If a company dislikes the service for poor sales opportunity leads the lead generation company simply holds court with many companies at a time ( the more the better) and finds new clients out of anyone who is starved for sales opportunities/ willing to pay for leads that could be potential business opportunities.
Lead generation literally becomes opportunity for businesses to create markets based on potential.

The third, more, “technical” solution to finding targeted individuals’ telephone numbers is by using a web services (ASP) that offers a quarterly or monthly web-subscription (accessed by your home computer). This service relies on a large, obsolete database, which it often replenishes old records by providing such opportunities as trading the users’ own Rolodex contacts for ones that exist in the web database. Not only is this service taking advantage of knowledge that it professes to have (the company often does not initially), but the records received in return are often inaccurate. The records often do not exactly match defined perameters ( such as provide me with the Chief Technology Officer of XYZ Company for my own personal record of CTO of ACM Corp. I am willing to list in this Rolodex service ) The records only provides the name, title, company, address and email and often ommit the telephone number.
The office telephone numbers or cellular numbers given by the service are often inaccurate as well; yet you have just paid for a virtual subscription for the records. The virtual Rolodex services are obviously inferior to the Swyers Auberon invention because it makes claims that it cannot fulfill and gives inaccurate data; when the data needs supplementing it offers a trade for your high-value personal contacts, retains those in a database that they later sell to others and provide lesser or no customer satisfaction.

Even if Swyers Auberon provided only 25% accuracy, it would do so with truly new data and would do so over and over with a real, technical solution that does not diminish in value over time. It would simply get more and more valuable as the system acquired more and more new, valuable office phone numbers. The truth to the permutation rules work as long as a telephone number remains numeric based on 7 dialing digits.

It could also be couched in this executive summary that a call center could save money by hiring 35-40% less staff creating a win fall profit margin savings for the buyer (on the staff salaries, healthcare and expenses).

The “estimated” cost outlay to start a solution might be as low as $15,000.00 for software beta development and execution, fees for a software engineer. Legal counsel and basic marketing (web site) , office rent would be another cost acquired once the software is made tangible through development. The product team might consist of only 3 individuals in addition to the inventor.

The potential solution profit value might look like this:

Simplest pricing model in USD
1-2 year projection

$139.00/per license (without yearly maintenance fees & sales tax)
$20,850.00/per each150 telephone user company with interfaces at a call center.
$4,170,000.00 /profits for sales to 200 companies at $20,850.00/ea.

$54,210,000.00/ sales of solution in markets in 13 separate global countries.

These numbers are very low on the pricing side (most solutions promising this type of success and information capture go for sometimes double what I have above).


This solution can replace the industries aforementioned as a competitor, it adds value to a market that is currently defined by solutions sets best attributed as dubious, unethical (half-empty) or invalid.
The one caveat I would like to add about the market of connection and contact is this: the world we live in today is increasingly fragmented and disconnected. Any technology that seeks to create connections that further works with Telephony, web devices and services, reopens and reevaluates human/technology experience that we seems to be lost in today's business world.


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